These are the ideas I think up daily. I'm not holding back, and I don't edit, so these are all my thoughts in raw form, the good ones (occasionally) as well as the silly, stupid or plain bad ones. Usually, I have an idea and just jot down.

Most of these ideas I would not execute on. Some because they are not of enough interest to me. Some I find to be stupid or ludicrous on second thought. Others are against my morals or taste. I don't do any research before I write them down, so many of them were probably thought of before by others, and some might have been executed on by and they exist (or did exist) already.

Why do I do this? First, as an experiment and to document all my ideas. Second, even bad ideas can spark a better one in my (and your) mind while reading it. Many of today's successful companies were built on ideas that most people considered stupid or ludicrous.

I hope you find some that are interesting and that it will inspire you to play with or have your own ideas.

I started writing down these daily ideas a couple of months before I started posting them here, so the publishing date is a couple of months later than when I had the idea.