A Smart Personal Email Assistant Bot


Email is an asynchronous communications system, but many use it as an instant messenger. If you are like me, you don’t check your email every five minutes. I check mine once or twice a day, sometimes even less. Many don’t know that, so it would be good to have something smart that can reply in the mean time. You could use an auto-reply “holiday” message, but it’s too impersonal.


Have a smart bot that can reply in a more personal way and alert you when needed. First, the bot will analyze your email use patterns to be able to predict your behavior: who is important to you, when, how often, for how long do you reply and write emails, etc. Then it will start sending automated responses when it’s appropriate and alerting you when it’s urgent. Some examples:
– It’s someone important that you usually reply to quickly, but it might be a while before you do this time. The bot will reply with an estimated time you will probably see the email, inform the sender that you will be alerted immediately because the matter seems important, and alert you to check the email ASAP.
– It’s someone you haven’t heard from in a long time (or never). The bot will reply explaining your way of using email and an estimate as to the time you will see the email.
– It’s an ongoing thread about scheduling an appointment. The bot will use your calendar to – if possible – reply with possible options.
– An automated email arrived regarding your flight tomorrow being cancelled. The bot will alert you immediately with the relevant information extracted from the email.

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September 24, 2016

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