An Easy Method to Grow Your Opt in Conversion Rate Using a Micro Commitment Technique


If it’s easy, doesn’t cost more and results in higher conversion rate, wouldn’t you like it?


Use the principle that a small previous act of (public) commitment will lead to a higher action rate when you ask for it later.
When a visitor lands on your page, show him a pop-up window and ask him to click on one of two buttons. Something with a text like: “Do You think that the right information is critical to your success?”, and two buttons “Yes,” and “No” to click. The majority of people would click on the yes button (especially if they are the right audience). The window disappears – it took about five seconds – and they go on consuming the page.
They now acted by clicking and committing to a particular point of view. It’s their “truth” now. The fact that it’s on a public web page (even though nobody else sees it) makes it a kind of public commitment (and they can also assume you know what they “said.”)
At some point (timed, exit intent, etc.) they will see another popup window with your desired call to action phrased in a way that is congruent with their “yes” action before. Something like: “If you need even more of the relevant up to date information on what you just read, to make sure you succeed, enter your email address and we’ll send it to you immediately.”
This will probably convert much better than doing the same without the first commitment action you asked them.

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October 8, 2016

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