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One of the worst problems is you are dealing with the same email again and again. When it first arrives you open it to see what’s inside. You don’t want to deal with it now (for real good reasons or maybe just procrastination), so you close it. A few hours or days later you open it again, spend some time on it and then leave it again. By the time you get to doing something about it (or more likely deleting it), you already spend too much time on it.


Have an option in your email client to have emails only open once. After you close the email, it will disappear into the “already opened ” abyss, where it will be permanently deleted after a while. You can, of course, look for it there, but I’ll bet you you’ll never look for most of them ever again. This will:
1. Teach you only to deal with an email once.
2. Force you to deal with every email (even if just deleting it.)
3. Help you not use your email system as a database – if it’s important save it in a better place.

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November 27, 2016

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