Get an Army of Passionate Buyers While Still Writing Your Book


  1. Every new chapter will bring most of the old buyers back and many new buyers.
  2. Significantly improve your book’s market fit and magnetism.


Have an outline of the book and write the first one or two chapters. Make sure that the chapter has real value to the reader and can stand on its own. If it’s just an overview (non-fiction), or it takes more than one chapter to get the reader immersed, this will not work. Readers have to get actual value from it.
Advertise (to the right target audience) and sell this chapter for a very low price ($1). The objective is not to make money but to get the seed of people who are willing buyers. In your ads, you can communicate this as an experiment, and explain why it’s special.
Why is it special?
1. Everyone who bought the first chapter will now be a part of the editorial process for the rest of the book.
2. You will consult with them and get their feedback. They’ll get an outline of the next chapter, plans for the cover (towards the end), etc. This will make them feel good, and you will get help in tailoring the rest of the book even better to the target audience.
3. They’ll have a chance to invite others to buy the next chapter published (with the first of course, for $2.) This chapter has their input already in it, so they are motivated to spread the word.
4. They will also have an online editorial wall, where they will be listed. When someone they invite buys the next chapter (with all the others published before), their status and position will increase on the online editorial wall.
5. When the book is finished, they’ll have a chance to sell it and make a commission. By that time many have already invested so much time, it’s like selling their own book.

You repeat this for each chapter until you finish Make sure you make each chapter have its own value independent of any future ones, but make sure there is always a cliffhanger, giving them reasons to buy the next chapter.
By the time you finish this book, not only will you already have sold many copies, but you will also have an army of readers that will be ready for your next book.

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October 17, 2016

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