Get Customers Returning to Your Store With This Game


You get two benefits:
1. Customers will visit the store more frequently.
2. Their attachment and feelings to the store will increase.


You put a small paper with a message (like “So you found me!? Show me when you’re checking out and get…”) in or under an item in the store (a book for example.) Then publish (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that you have hidden a coupon in or under an item in your store, and give them clues to where it is. The clues should help them quickly find the item. The moment they locate the message (they have to come in to look for it), they get whatever you promised (discount, gift, etc.), and you hide it in a new item (the next on your list.) They then share this and the new clues with their friends. You also publish that the coupon has been found and now moved to a new item, and the clues for it. You continue this as long as it’s working (you can change what you give from time to time if you see it’s not attractive anymore.) For each person finding the message, there’ll be many who try, so this should increase traffic to your store.

Icons made by Freepik


September 26, 2016

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