Get Updated on Specific Issues That Matter to You Regarding Important Events


There may be an event happening or going to happen that will have many repercussions in many areas of which one or more are important for you. For example, you might be an EU member country citizen living and working in the UK, and Brexit might change the way you can stay in the UK. It would be good if you get the right information – and only the right information – for you about this subject.


Have an online center, where such events are covered but not generally. Instead only cover subjects that are each separately relevant to large groups of people. This way the person interested will get all the good information about what is interesting to him without having to go through a lot of information to find what he’s looking for. Have him subscribe to the event’s subject(s) that interest him and he’ll get a periodic email with all the new information and analysis that are of interest to him.

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September 12, 2016

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