How to Make It Easier for a Visitor to Become a Trusting and Willing Buyer


If you can make them spend money easier why wouldn’t you?!


If the target audience is right for this try the following:
At an early stage of them browsing your website have a popup that asks them for a small contribution to charity (one that is congruent with their values) that you will match one for one. Maybe something like this: “Please help us bring clean water to the children in XYZ. We only ask for one dollar, and we will match that one dollar by contributing one dollar of our own. Your contribution of only one dollar means two dollars spent on clear water for kids. Click here to give the kids $1 so they can have clean water.”
If they donate the one dollar you achieved two things: they already trust you enough to give you money, and they now feel good about themselves, so now they can “sin” a little and award themselves by buying what they want – what you are selling.

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October 8, 2016

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