Interactive Video Sales Letter


Why not make the process more personalized and deliver a better message to each type of audience.


Instead of having one video sales letter playing for everyone visiting the web page, have forking points that help qualify the type of visitor watching. Split the video into smaller segments with an option at each section of how to continue. The option is referred to at the end of each video segment, and the viewer needs to click on his choice to continue. For instance, if you break the video into three parts, and each forking point has two options, you need to have one video for the first segment, two more videos for the second segments that depend on the viewer’s choice, and four videos for the third segments, again depending on their choices. This is the maximum number of videos in such a situation, but there can be less if, for instance, the points discussed in some of the third segment versions are the same for many of the viewers regardless of their choice.

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December 15, 2016

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