Scavenger Hunt Inside a Store


To engage the visitor and on the way offer him opportunities to buy, and make sure they have fun and leave with good memories. The last impression before they leave is the most important, so this will help them remember you fondly.


When he enters the store, give him a small card with a good headline selling the first step, something like “You already have a surprise waiting for you. Just find our blue shelf.” There he’ll find the next step, maybe “The surprise is in our best selling book. You have two tries to find it. It’s on this shelf.” Inside the book there is a coupon and further teaser instructions (like: “If you want more on this subject, we have another surprise, go to our games section and look for the clue.”) Don’t only use coupons and discounts, do a raffle, give them a chance to pre-order something, just give them a small gift etc. also tell them they can ask for help from your staff.

Icons made by Freepik


September 18, 2016

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