Socially Interactive Landing Page


When there are enough concurrent visitors to your landing page, it might be worth your while to start interacting with them.


A software service that lets you – by adding one line of code to your landing page – open a joint chat. This chat will automatically open for all visitors currently on that page, and they can all see how many are on that page now. Each one has a temporary username that identifies him, and you have a special one that all can see is the moderator – just like in a webinar. All of you can now chat. You can take control over the conversation, ask if anyone needs help, guide them through the page, etc. One more thing you can do is ask the visitors if they want you to go through the page with them and basically give a webinar. To do that, the ones who want that need to click a button that will allow you to control what they see on the page. Their page position will mirror yours, so when you scroll up and down, click on a video, etc., the same will happen in their browser (as long as they stay on the page or don’t disconnect from this “webinar” mode.) You can also highlight and draw on specific parts of the page, and they will see it.

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November 25, 2016

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