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Make Your Patients Feel Better Even Before They Leave Home to Their Appointment With You


When you decide to go to the doctor, most of the time it means you are worried about something. You become even more anxious when you leave home and arrive at the doctor’s office of your appointment. It might be useful to both patient and doctor to relieve at least some of this anxiety.


You probably had this experience already: you had the appointment with your doctor, he prescribed some treatment, you leave, and you already feel better. You’re still sick, and nothing is “fixed” yet. You might even have to go to some further tests etc., but even your symptoms are not as acute. There is a psychological effect making you feel like this. It might be useful if you had some of this effect happen even before your visit. By calling your doctor, talking for a few minutes, you telling him why you are coming to see him shortly, and him listening and then assuring you in an authoritative way he’ll see you shortly, and you’ll continue from here, might have a similar effect – all before the visit.

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October 11, 2016