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Match Your Website to Your Target Audience


You probably have more than one profile (avatar) as your target audience. Using some principles of influence like authority and similarity can help project the right image for a particular visitor.


Have different looks for your website, each projecting what you want to the current visitor. For instance, projecting authority to a corporate visitor might include a photo of you in a smart high-end suit giving a talk to a large corporate audience. At the same time for someone who has a small business they run from home, a more “rich guy” casual photo of you might project more authority to him. The technical solutions for doing this by keeping track of where the visitor came from, what ad or article did they read before they clicked and came to your site, etc., are already available, as well as dynamically modifying the look of your website. You should have a default look for your site, for those visitors who you don’t know enough about.

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August 28, 2016