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Assassin Game In Real Life With Smartphones


A modern way to play this game that is still popular on many campuses.


An app that helps the game’s host manage and the assassins to play the game. The game master creates the game, decides on the rules (like time limits, etc., from multiple possibilities), and advertises it for others to apply to join. He then assigns targets to assassins and manages the game. The assassins kill by using the cam in the app to “shoot” a picture of their victim. The app analyzes the size of the victim (to enforce an absolute maximum distance for a kill) and if it’s a kill sends it the game host. If he accepts the kill as valid, he’ll assign the assassin a new target or declare them the winner if they are the last player still in the game. All players get updates as things happen during the game.

Icons made by Freepik


October 17, 2016