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The Modern Dating Club


To help people find each other romantically by using the best of both worlds, offline and online.


First, online. People sign up and fill their profile details.
Second, offline. People go to an event at the dating club. It’s like any other bar or club, with drinks, a dance floor, love entertainment, etc. Only people who registered online can enter the event, and each gets a badge with a number to stick on their chest (similar to what you get at a convention.) When you are there, you try to enjoy yourself, look around until you see someone you like.
Finally, both offline and online working together: you then open the app and type in their number, check their profile, and if you are interested you “poke” them. They get an alert and can check your profile, and if they are also interested they “poke” you back. If that happens, you can look for each other in the crowd (or the app will tell you both where to go to meet each other – you already know how the other one looks) and take it from there. If not you just continue having fun until you see someone new you like and repeat the procedure.

Icons made by Freepik


September 30, 2016