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Directed Meditation App and Journal – Practical Immediate Help and Long Term Mind Enhancement


Directed meditation has been proven to help and even change the physicality of your brain. This app will help you do it easily and immediately and also keep track of your results.


The app would give you simple instruction from multiple choices of directed meditation techniques. You can choose the one that best suits you and your situation. For example thinking about a confrontation, argument and such, where you felt negative emotions like anger and frustration. In this scenario, you could direct your thought to relive the same situation but as an external viewer – like a fly on the wall. This will help you realize new angles, see connections and insights that you did not before – both about the whole occurrence and about yourself. Before the meditation, the app might ask you a few questions in order to better suggest to you the right technique. Also, you’ll be asked to write a short description of the situation. After the meditation, you’ll write any new feelings, insights and knowledge you think you acquired through the directed meditation.

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September 5, 2016