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Your Child’s Artistic Life Journal


As your children start making things like drawings, etc., you accumulate a growing number of their works of art. If you are like me, you try to keep it organized in one place but after a while, it starts to be chaotic and haphazard.


A studio where you can send on a weekly (or ad hoc) schedule your child’s works you would like to keep. Artists at the studio will build a collection of these, keep them safe and organized. They will also create a unique journal of these, edit it to look beautiful, update it regularly, and create an online version so you can see the progress. Any time they think a journal is ready to be finished and to start a new one, they will consult with you and create a new one. You can, of course, get the original anytime, or a professionally printed facsimile.

Icons made by Freepik


October 14, 2016