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Local Smart Heating and Air Conditioning to Save Energy and Money


The way we heat or cool our homes is not optimal. A lot of energy and money is wasted.


Have the ability to control the operation of each heating and cooling unit in each room. In the beginning, the system will work as usual, turning everything on or off based on time and temperature like a standard thermostat based system. At the same time, sensors in each unit in each room will observe your behavior patterns. When do you usually use that room, for how long, how much energy and heat do you dissipate into the environment, etc. When the system becomes smarter and recognizes useful repeating patterns, it will start predicting and controlling the heating and cooling. So if you always work in your study at certain times, the system will automatically turn off the unit in that room at a certain time before you leave, and turn it on again before it expects you to use it. This will maximize your comfort and energy usage.

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October 15, 2016