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Use Laughter to Get Better Attention and More Clicks for Your Ads


If you see someone laughing, and it’s not obvious what about, you get curious.


Create a video of someone laughing while staring at something that can’t be seen in the video. Something he is watching or reading on his phone, something of the frame, etc. You can even find many such videos already on YouTube and other video sharing sites. You should caption the video with a headline that leads to what you want to show them when they click. Something that also enhances their curiosity like: “Want to see what all this laughter is about? Click here!” The landing page should continue with this laughter theme and lead to your message. Only use this if you are showing this to a very precisely targeted audience. You don’t want just anyone to click. If you don’t have such a tightly targeted audience, qualify them in the caption, for example (borrowing from a classic): “Want to know why they all laughed and what about when I told them I’m going to be rich?”

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September 25, 2016