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Web Alert for Email Waiting


You sent an email to your subscriber (as part of an automated sequence), and he still didn’t open it. Get him to open it next time he’s active online.


Show him a reminder with a teaser about what’s in the email you sent him. Either use a dynamic retargeting ad on the web or even a dynamic pop-up on your site.

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November 18, 2016

What’s Their Number One Question That Worries Them?


Because if you know what’s their number one worry is you can target them with the right hook to grab their attention.


If you already know your target market (your audience) then create an ad that calls them out and asks them to help: “are you planning to open a new coffee shop? Answer this one simple question and we’ll help you – free”.
The ad goes to a landing page where you ask one question and has an input box for them to write in: “As a new entrepreneur planning opening a new coffee shop, what is the one big question you have? What is it that most worries you, that if you find the answer to would help you the most? Please answer in detail. We collect your and others’ answers and will send you a free report on how to solve your problem.”
Gather all the answers and write a report on the one question that worries the majority of them. Send it to all specifying that this is what worries most.
Then use retargeting to call out again all of the participants (pixel them on the landing page).
From now on advertise based on this question to all future people in the target market.

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August 31, 2016