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Multi Level Curation Network on Specific Subjects


There are many good sources of information, editorials, and advice on specific subjects. The problem is, there are much more bad or average ones as well, sometimes overwhelmingly so.


Build a multi-level network of editors that scout for and curate the best in each subject matter.
An editor starts as a volunteer at the lowest level by submitting materials he scouts on the web on a subject matter. The next level editors receive these materials and transfer only the ones they deem as good enough to the next step editors. This goes on until the last top editor decides – from the materials that made it up to his level – what to publish at that time on the subject matter.
An editor gets to the next level when:
1. There is an opening there because someone left or the editorial team at that level is expanding.
2. And he has proved he is a good editor by submitting a lot of material that makes it to publication.
All editors and their status are listed in the publication.

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October 10, 2016