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Get Them to Consume or Use the Product They Bought So They Get Results and Come Back for More


One of the biggest problems in selling a product – especially one that needs some commitment like physical training or adult education – is getting them to use the product they bought. If they don’t, it decreases the chance of a repeat purchase in the future.


When they buy the product (online or offline), ask them four questions. The first is to elicit a commitment to use the product – you need them to say yes. It might go like this: “Will you start doing the first exercise immediately when you get the product delivered?” The next three questions are to force them now to make and commit to a future plan. These might be something similar to these: “Where at home will you exercise with this product? At what time will you exercise daily? What will you wear?” These will make them make a plan now, and commit to doing it in the future (when they receive the product), and increase the chances they’ll do it.

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October 4, 2016