The Multi-Level Millionaires Club


Get to know people in your wealth level from all around the globe, and get inspiration and help to get to the next level.


A private online (and offline) community, based on levels of wealth (net worth and monthly income.) The basic level is $1 million in net worth. Each next level is an order of magnitude larger (10X), so the next level is $10 million, the next one $100 million, etc. A member of the higher level has access to all lower levels. Also, a higher level member can be a patron to the next lower level member, if that member is very close to reaching his next level. This patronage offers some perks from the higher level and is a way to help and inspire lower level members to get to the next level. Separation between level is very strict, so a higher level member cannot disclose anything that goes on in his level to lower level members (with some exceptions for patronages.)

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November 19, 2016

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