The Mystery Brands Man


  1. A new way for brands to get exposure.
  2. A nice stable income for the brands man.


Build a video persona of someone who has an air of mystery. He smokes a pipe, talks in riddles, seems wise and at the same time whimsical.
He will do a video (series) about a brand. He’ll start with a puzzle. The first to solve it gets a prize (provided by the brand.) After a while (1 day, a week, etc.) he’ll do another appearance where he’ll try and help (again with a riddle), and so on until someone finds out who the brand is.
The first to find out gets a big prize. Anyone who tried participated in a raffle for other prizes. Anyone who shared commented, etc. also enters a raffle for more prizes. The more you participate, the more chance you have to win something.
Then he’ll do another series for a different brand, and so on.

Icons made by Freepik


September 21, 2016

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