Use Price Comparison to Your Advantage


If you are selling products or services that the buyers can see the prices of (books for instance) easily, you need to have the right juxtaposition to make them seem a great buy.


Instead (or in addition) to showing them in the usual places (a book fair to continue the example above,) go to where your target audience is but where your products seem much cheaper compared to what is already exhibited there. So take the books that might appeal to wealthy people and show them at the yacht expo or luxury car exhibition. Compared to the prices of yachts and cars, even the most expensive book at full price seems like dirt cheap, and if you match the offerings to the target audience, you’ll get much more sales (then at a book fair.) Both people who can and might buy yachts, and those who can’t and just come to look, will have both a need to spend (especially if they can’t buy) and it’ll be a cheap price to pay for them to feel good.

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January 12, 2017

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