Virtual Interactive Conference System


Get more people to attend. For attendees it’s cheaper and easier (no traveling), for you it’s also cheaper and can accommodate much more people in one conference, generating more income.


Arrange to have a small real conference for a limited number of people who will attend it physically. These can be people who are willing to pay more to be there, your close customers. You can have a competition for seats, etc. you need to fill in the room because the presence of people will help the lecturers give a better talk, and the studio audience’s reactions (applause, questions, etc.) makes for a more dynamic experience. The majority of attendance will be through web broadcast and online communication channels (chat, online audio, and video calls.) You can also arrange for conference rooms in major cities where many people register for the conference. Such a room will have all the necessary equipment for the broadcast (a good internet connection, a large TV or projection screen, and a webcam to send a feed of the room back to you), and attendees can go there and have a better experience (and also network.)

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November 25, 2016

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